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Vital Active

Powder for joints & bones
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A movement supplement: Simply add to wet food to promote mobility into old age.

  • Gelatine hydrolysate for the formation of cartilage mass
  • With chondroitin & glucosamine for tissue elasticity
  • Devil's claw & Boswellia Serrata for more joy of movement, even in old age
  • High acceptance & tolerance
  • Made without added sugar, purines, cholesterol, lactose, milk protein, colouring or flavourings
  • Certified quality, made in Germany



COMPOSITION: gelatin hydrolyzate 40%, yeast, malt, seaweed, poultry protein (dehydrated), devil's claw 2%, pineapple powder, papaya powder, chondroitin sulfate 1%, glucosamine 1%, Boswelia Serrata 0.2%.

ADDITIVES / KG: Nutritional additives: methionine 15,000mg, vitamins: A 50,000IU, D3 1,000IU, E 500mg, B1 475mg, B2 192mg, B6 196mg, biotin 100,000μg, choline chloride 1,000mg, trace elements: zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 68mg, iron (as ferrous-IIsulfate, monohydrate) 400mg, manganese (as manganese-II-sulphate, monohydrate) 160mg, iodine (as calcium iodine, anhydrous) 3.4mg.

Analytical components crude protein 51.5%, crude fat 6%, crude fiber 2.6%, crude ash 8%.
Without: added sugar, purines, cholesterol, lactose, milk protein, colors & flavorings

Recommended daily intake
(varies according to age, breed and activity level)

Weight Amount
10 kg 1 teaspoon
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