Wet food or dry food? The best choice for your dog

dog beside a package of DOGS LOVE dry dog food dog beside a package of DOGS LOVE dry dog food

The dog food market is large, and in addition to various flavours, people also have to decide between wet and dry food. So what is best for the furry noses? What is a healthy diet for our dogs? 

Ultimately, it's about finding the food with the ideal nutrition and energy supply for our pet. It should also be easy to digest and of course taste good. But wet food or dry food? So which one is the better choice? 

Complete feeds - the optimal composition in dog food

Whether you go for wet food or dry food, check that it is a complete food. This means that in this food the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and the amount of energy are already matched to each other and to the respective phase of your dog's life. Complete feeds are always labelled as such. 

If it is a supplementary food, then you will need to take care of the appropriate composition for a balanced diet. Some supplements can be fed in support of complete feeds. For others, however, it is advisable not to put "too much of a good thing" in the bowl, as excess can lead to physical discomfort. If you are unsure about the composition of supplementary feed, please seek veterinary advice.

dog eating DOGS LOVE wet dogfood dog eating DOGS LOVE wet dogfood

The difference between wet and dry food

The real difference in the respective dog food lies in the water content. While wet food has between 60% and 75% moisture, dry food has between 5% and10 %. 

This has two consequences. For one thing, dogs that are fed dry food need to take in more extra fluid. This is one of the reasons why DOG'S LOVE recommends soaking dry food for about 15 minutes before feeding. On the other hand, this means that in wet food the water content takes up some of the volume and weight, so your pet needs a larger amount of it to get the nutrients it needs.

dog with a can of DOGS LOVE wet dog food dog with a can of DOGS LOVE wet dog food

Wet food - advantages and disadvantages when feeding

One advantage of feeding wet food is the automatic fluid intake. If you have a pet that is lazy about drinking, wet food can help regulate the water balance. Nevertheless, fresh water must of course always be available, even with wet food. The can contents on their own do not provide enough liquid.

One disadvantage of wet food is the cans, which take up more space than dry food and need to be kept in the fridge for a few days after opening. On the other hand, it is often the better choice for dogs with a tendency to obesity, as the energy concentration in dry food is often too high for them. 

Many an old dog with wobbly teeth is happy when his senior food is easy to chew. On the downside, wet food offers no opportunity for natural tooth wear, which encourages the formation of tartar. 

Picky dogs are usually more likely to choose wet food as it smells stronger than dry food. 

Dry food - feeding advantages and disadvantages

As already mentioned, dry food can be a disadvantage for dogs that are lazy about drinking. However, if you soak the food in water 15 minutes before feeding, you will ensure regular fluid intake. In addition, this makes the food even easier to digest, as it does not swell up as a result due to the stomach acid. Nevertheless, fresh water in the bowl is of course a must. 

Dry food has a much longer shelf life than wet food. Usually up to 12 months from production. This has the advantage that you can stock up more easily. It is best to store dry food in a dark and dry place to prevent mould or mite infestation. 

Some of the dry food can be used like treats during training so that the dog has to work for its food.

However, although dry food is easier to portion, you should be careful if your furry friend has a tendency to be overweight. The energy is more concentrated here and therefore wet food might be the better choice in this case.

dog eating dry dog food dog eating dry dog food

Wet or dry food - the main thing is a healthy dog

To sum up: Neither option is better or worse than the other. There are advantages and disadvantages to both wet and dry food. When buying dog food, look first and foremost for quality and wholesome ingredients. Then decide according to your dog's individual needs to serve him the best possible food.