Out of love for dogs

Dogs enrich all our lives. They accompany us for many years, are always faithfully at our side. Taking on a dog is a major responsibility. We must treat them with care, treat them well and provide them the highest quality of nutrition. This lays the foundation for animal health. That's what Katharina Miklauz thought when she founded DOG'S LOVE in 2014.

Katharina set out to find high-quality dog food for her own dog Nala - species-appropriate, natural, made in Austria and with clearly labelled ingredients and contents. But she didn't find what she was looking for. The idea for DOG'S LOVE was born. Katharina Miklauz founded a family-run company based in Vienna that met all her requirements for high-quality dog food. DOG'S LOVE is still a family-run business with a small, dedicated team whose goal is to spoil dogs with the best food. The philosophy of DOG'S LOVE has remained the same since 2014 - just like the quality we stand for.

Our promise

Our goal at DOG'S LOVE is to help dogs live healthy, happy and energetic lives through high-quality nutrition. We don't just want to feed dogs, we want to make them happy. In close cooperation with veterinarians and nutritionists, we have developed carefully tested, varied complete feed menus, high-quality supplementary feeds and the finest treats. We take care to source only regional ingredients of the highest premium quality and work with nature's recipes to provide our dogs with a species-appropriate and balanced diet.

100% food quality

DOG'S LOVE not only smells great, but dogs love how it tastes. And: You too could consume our menus without hesitation, because we make no compromises and rely on 100% food quality for our ingredients, which we prefer to source from Austria: What you'll find in our premium wet food: fresh muscle meat and high-quality offal as the best sources of protein, healthy fruit and vegetables for a comprehensive vitamin supply, nutrient-rich herbs and valuable oils. This gives your dog everything his body needs. You can find even more information about our food here.

Produced in Austria

In Styria, affectionately known as the "green heart of Austria", our wet food varieties are produced. DOG'S LOVE menus are prepared following the strict guidelines of the Austrian Food Act in, a cooperatively organised food business that is supplied with regional raw materials by the surrounding farmers. The raw ingredients are mixed according to finely tuned recipes, filled raw into tins, sealed and then carefully heated to 121°C to retain as much nutrition as possible. In this way, our food is preserved without any artificial additives or preservatives, while maintaining the same quality and taste. 

Sustainably full

Sustainability is key to all we do: our production approach includes ingredients and packaging, an environmentally friendly and resource-saving approach as well as production with as little CO2 as possible. Here you can learn more about our sustainability philosophy. 

We take responsibility and look at the big picture. For us, this also means helping those in need. We are committed to social projects and issues that are close to our hearts: we regularly donate food to animal shelters, support carefully selected projects and provide rapid and unbureaucratic assistance in emergency situations. We also work in a permanent food partnership for five assistance dogs of the "Stiftung Kindertraum" association - to relieve the families who are under a permanent financial burden. So DOG'S LOVE is the brand we stand behind with passion and dedication. 

100% dog love. 100% nature. 100% pleasure. Zero compromise.