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Puppies are happy with three to four smaller portions spread throughout the day, from the first birthday onwards you usually serve the dog two meals a day.

All our wet food menus are produced in 100% food quality of all raw materials and according to veterinary recipes in the green heart of Austria, Styria. The cooperative food farm where our wet food is produced employs farmers from the region who not only work on the farm, but also provide regional raw materials and are paid fairly for this.

With our DOG'S LOVE ADULT complete food menus, there is only ever one protein source per variety in the can! This means that all recipes contain only one type of meat. We only use high-quality muscle meat, which provides the body with essential proteins and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as heart and liver, which can have a positive effect on the immune system. Thanks to our open declaration, offal is always shown separately in the composition. The DOG'S LOVE complete food menus are therefore also ideally suited for nutritionally sensitive dogs with intolerances or allergies.

Our hypoallergenic dog food varieties are best suited for nutritionally sensitive dogs with allergies or intolerances, as well as those on a reject diet. Consisting of rare, yet regional protein sources and recipes carefully prepared by veterinarians, our highly compatible, hypoallergenic single-protein complete food menus are optimally adapted to the nutrition of food-sensitive dogs! Of course, our hypoallergenic varieties are also made without cereals, bone meal, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, added sugar, offal, flavour enhancers, animal testing, genetic engineering.

The DOG'S DOC line can support your dog with coordinated nutrition in acute or chronic illnesses, in the form of a cure over a few weeks or as a permanent food supplement. Moro's organic carrot soup helps with acute gastrointestinal problems, while the beef and chicken all-in-one menus provide natural support for joints, bones and digestion. 

The DOG'S DOC Vital powder mixes provide support for a wide range of health problems right up to old age and can also be fed as a preventative: Whether stomach upset, joint pain, overweight or a dull coat - sooner or later the needs of our canine favourites change and the DOG'S LOVE powder mixes can help to meet the needs of our four-legged friends.

Our BARF supplement line is based on the mix & match principle: deliciously prepared pure meat cans with an extra high meat content can be combined with the gently cooked fruit & vegetable mixtures BIO-Greens or BIO-Reds as well as our high-quality, cold-pressed BIO oils as a nutrient-rich supplement. Together, these ingredients make a balanced, wholesome meal that provides your dog with everything he needs for a long, healthy life. 

For all dog owners who feed according to the BARF concept, the products of the DOG'S LOVE BARF supplement line are the optimal addition to raw products. The pure meat tins for holidays or on the go, as a backup for home when there is no time to defrost and portion. The BIO vegetable-fruit tins for when you need to be quick or for when you're on the go. 
But the products are also suitable for all other dog owners to create an individual dog menu or as an addition to the usual dog food.

DOG'S LOVE Insect is ideal for demanding, four-legged gourmets whose owners are environmentally conscious and would like to contribute to the protection of our planet. Our insect dog food is an optimally balanced complete food menu that optimally covers the daily needs of dogs of all breeds and ages.

The Insekt Pur wet food is hypoallergenic and is therefore also suitable for sensitive dog stomachs or four-legged friends with allergies or intolerances. In addition, our wholesome insect menus have a very good organic digestibility, because insect protein can be easily processed and absorbed by the dog.

Our Superfood dog food with BIO hemp is a finely tuned complete food menu that optimally covers the needs of dogs of all breeds and ages and can also provide support for everyday dog ailments. The hemp plant can also have a positive effect on restless or anxious dogs and relieve pain or inflammation.

In the EU, only so-called commercial hemp with a THC content of less than 0.2% may be used in food for humans and animals. Only organic hemp is used in DOG'S LOVE products and in addition, analyses of each batch are carried out by an external, independent laboratory, which confirm that the THC value is below the guideline value of 0.2 %. DOG'S LOVE follows the control principle: "Double is better". 

The fish mix is composed of the following freshwater fish (obtained in aquaculture):

- Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
- Salmon trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
- Brown trout (Salmo trutta fario)
- Lake trout (Salmo trutta lacustris)
- Arctic char (Salvelinus fontinalis)
- Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
- Catfish (Silurus glanis)

Origin: Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary

We have developed our dry food varieties together with nutritional experts and veterinarians according to international guidelines. As a complete food, they provide him with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements he needs. You can either feed the dry food 100% or combine it with our wet food.

Every dog has different preferences and each type of feeding has its advantages:

Wet food is closest to the natural diet of your dog's ancestors, dry food is handy and practical to give. Just find out what works best for your dog. Many dogs also like a combination of wet and dry food. 

Our DOG'S LOVE treats are of course also suitable for puppies and young dogs as a healthy reward for training and play! Due to their small size, we particularly recommend our DOG'S LOVE BIO Goodies in turkey or beef, but all other treats can also be easily portioned, especially the "SOFT" varieties.

Our finely tuned herbal mixtures are suitable for puppies and young dogs from the age of about 4 months and can have a supportive effect on a wide range of known dog ailments in both adult and old age.

We recommend feeding a maximum of two herbs at a time - one variety in the morning and the other in the evening. You can also mix more varieties, but then the absorption of the individual nutrients will most likely be reduced.

The herb mixtures can easily be mixed with the dog's usual food and can therefore be fed as a delicious, natural supplement in wet food as well as in dry food. They are also ideal for use in homemade dog treats or dog ice cream!

The feeding recommendations for all WOW Snacks can be found on the packaging as well as on the individual product pages. Depending on the size of your dog, you should adjust the amount of treats accordingly. WOW Tip: Make sure to subtract the amount of treats you feed your dog from the amount of food in the main meals. This will keep your pet slim and fit.

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