Food-grade dog food: The best ingredients for their bowl 

DOG'S LOVE cans running along a treadmill in the factory DOG'S LOVE cans running along a treadmill in the factory

The demand for good pet food is increasing. As such, dog owners looking for high-quality dog food are coming across one term more and more often: food-grade quality. For us at DOG'S LOVE, it has always been a matter of course to only use ingredients in our wet food that we would happily eat ourselves. The standard of DOG'S LOVE food production is so high that it meets the same criteria that apply to human food. This is not only noticeable in the flavour of our food, but can also contribute to your pet's health. 

3 cans of DOG'S LOVE that are half open and where you can see exactly what's in the can 3 cans of DOG'S LOVE that are half open and where you can see exactly what's in the can

Food-grade quality: What does it mean? 

The term ‘food-grade quality’ refers to the quality of an ingredient and the standards applied during production. Food-grade dog food means that the ingredients used are of a quality that would also be suitable and authorised for human consumption. Food-grade ingredients are guaranteed to be free from harmful substances and germs and therefore do not present any health hazards. Freshness and flavour also play a role. Food-grade ingredients undergo strict tests and controls and must fulfil stringent requirements in accordance with the Austrian Food Safety Act.

Food-grade dog food: What sets it apart?

Different laws apply to animal feed than to human food. Ingredients that are not of food-grade quality may also be used in animal feed. This includes fruit and vegetable waste as well as by-products from the slaughtering process. Many conventional dog foods feature the term "animal and vegetable by-products" in the list of ingredients. This term encompasses precisely these low-quality and therefore cheap waste products from food production, which then end up processed in the bowls of many four-legged friends. This can harm the dogs in the long term. Most notably, dog owners will not know exactly what they are feeding their dogs when dog food features such "unspecified compound terms" as this. If a dog food consists of 100% food-grade ingredients, such as our DOG'S LOVE wet food meals, you can be sure that it contains no slaughterhouse waste, but only high-quality ingredients. 

Feeding your dog food-grade quality: Meat matters

Food-grade quality plays a particularly important role when it comes to meat. For one thing, because, as a source of protein, it is the main component of species-appropriate dog food. And for another, when it comes to animal feed, not all meat is the same. According to law, animal waste may also be used in dog food. The food-grade quality attribute acts as the dividing line here. Slaughterhouse waste such as fur, horns, claws or ground bones may not be processed into human food and are therefore not of food-grade quality. If you are keen to feed your dog a healthy diet, pay close attention to which animal ingredients are contained in the food of your choice. Responsible manufacturers make the types of meat and ingredients used in their product transparent in the list of ingredients. The list of ingredients should state exactly which meat parts and offal the dog food contains. If the animal products are not further explained, this usually indicates that the food is of poor quality. If this is the case, stay away – for the sake of your four-legged friend!

Katharina Miklauz as she tastes a can of DOG'S LOVE wet food Katharina Miklauz as she tastes a can of DOG'S LOVE wet food

Does dog food have to taste good to us humans? 

Animal feed is tailored to animals and their needs. Species-appropriate feeding, which corresponds to the species and living conditions of the respective animal, is not necessarily appetising to us humans. But when it comes to dog food, the use of high-quality ingredients is also noticeable in the flavour and smell. Anyone who has ever opened a can of DOG'S LOVE will know the difference: Food-grade dog food also smells appealing to humans and we can have a taste of it without thinking twice. Of course, nutritional requirements and flavour preferences differ between humans and animals. That being said, high-quality ingredients are the basis of a healthy diet for our four-legged friends, just as they are for us. 

Health benefits of food-grade dog food

High-quality ingredients form the basis for healthy and species-appropriate feeding. Switching to food-grade dog food can therefore bring many health benefits for your four-legged friend. These include: 

  • Improved digestion: The high-quality ingredients in food-grade dog food are easy to digest, which reduces gastrointestinal problems. It leads to better nutrient absorption and can reduce digestive disorders such as flatulence, diarrhoea and constipation.
  • Healthier coat and skin: The quality of the ingredients helps to ensure that your dog is optimally supplied with essential fatty acids and other nutrients. This is the basis for healthy skin and a shiny coat. 
  • More vitality and high spirits: A diet with high-quality proteins and free from artificial additives improves your dog's overall energy and vitality. Food-grade dog food provides your dog with everything he needs for a happy dog's life. 

Our promise: 100% food-grade quality at DOG'S LOVE

Putting the best quality in their bowl has been our promise since day one. That is why we fulfil all quality requirements for food in the production of our wet dog food – in accordance with national and European guidelines. All our ingredients are carefully selected and clearly labelled. The freshness of the ingredients, the selection of high-quality raw materials and the professional preparation of our meals guarantee the highest standards throughout the entire production process. Our feed production in Styria bears the ‘Austria Bio Garantie’ (Austria Organic Guarantee) seal, as well as the ‘IFS Food’ certificate. ‘International Featured Standards Food’ is awarded exclusively to businesses that comply with all legally prescribed regulations for foodstuffs, both nationally and in the EU, and can prove this in regular inspections.

Nala, Katharina's dog, savouring a can of DOG'S LOVE Nala, Katharina's dog, savouring a can of DOG'S LOVE

Conclusion: Food-grade quality in dog food – that's what matters!

  • Food-grade quality describes the condition of an ingredient; it must not be contaminated or loaded with harmful substances under any circumstances and must fulfil high standards in order to be approved for human consumption. 
  • If dog food is made with 100% food-grade ingredients, we could eat it ourselves without hesitation.
  • The label "food-grade quality dog food" on the packaging alone is no guarantee of high-quality food. It is important that the individual ingredients are specifically outlined, especially information about the meat used.
  • DOG'S LOVE uses only strictly controlled, food-grade quality ingredients, which are processed to the highest standards in a certified production facility.