Horse for dogs – the advantages of horse meat

dog and can of dogfood with horsemeat dog and can of dogfood with horsemeat

When we humans choose the food for our dogs, feeding them horse meat would not immediately occur to most of us. Although horses were primarily kept as farm animals and consumed as such, the meat variety almost completely disappeared from our diets as early as the 8th century. The reason for this was an idiosyncratic ban by Pope Gregory III. 

But even if we are still sceptical about eating horse meat today, it can do a lot of good for our four-legged friends. Especially for those who have to follow a special diet for various reasons. 

The noble steed – that provides horse meat

Lean horse meat is an excellent source of protein. It is rich in iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper as well as vitamins A and B. Horse meat is also relatively quite low in fat. While beef, for example, has a fat content of approx. 8.5 g per 100 g, equine meat has a fat content of just 2.7 g. This is particularly interesting for senior dogs or dogs that have to watch their weight. 

Horse meat generally has a very firm structure, which has the positive side effect of the texture promoting the removal of tartar and thus providing dental care. Most dogs find it particularly tasty because of its aromatic smell. In terms of taste, it can be compared to a richer beef or mild game. 


High tolerability for allergic dogs

Unfortunately, food allergies or intolerances are no longer a rarity among our dogs. Our four-legged friends are often allergic to grain, which is also the reason for the exclusively grain-free dog food at DOG'S LOVE. Other sources of allergy may also be found in the protein of chicken, turkey or beef. These meats are processed in great volumes. This is not the case with horse meat, which had long been forgotten and is consequently now considered a rare source of protein. 

There are still advantages of a smaller market, though. Horses are not bred in factory farms. As a result, the lean meat from horses is generally free from antibiotics and antibiotic residues. Horses that have received antibiotics when sick are not permitted for food processing. 


A good option for overweight dogs

Pets who have to watch their weight because of a pre-existing illness, age or reduced energy requirements are well advised to eat horse meat. Along with chicken, it is one of the leanest meats, easily digestible and offers a good alternative to diet food. 
However, if your pet is a young, healthy animal without allergies or other problems, feeding it horse meat alone is less advisable. Its low-fat composition would not guarantee a sufficient energy supply for lively puppies. 

Quality horse meat, expertly prepared

Horse meat in dog food has many advantages. Especially if you have to look for an alternative diet for your furry friend due to an allergy. Our hypoallergenic Hypo Horse wet food was developed especially for these cases. 
If your animal needs to maintain a leaner weight, we also recommend giving horse meat a chance. Our Adult Horse is a single-protein food, with meat that is rich in vitamins and is made with gently prepared tomatoes and parsnips.